Send one of these forms for each wine you enter. Do not send paperwork with your samples.

Mail paperwork to: Bev Carnahan, 1721 Oneida Ct, Windsor, Ont, N8Y 1S9 by April 1, 2005
Cheque is payable to "All Canadian Wine Championships" Fee per entry is $37.45 (GST incl)
MC___ VISA___ Card #_________________________________ Exp_____/_____ 
Cardholder signature__________________________________

Send wine samples to: Walkerville Self Storage, 840 Walker Rd., Windsor, Ont, N8Y 2N3 
Wine samples will be received between April 1st and 22nd.
You will need to send a total of 1500ml for table wines and 750ml total for dessert wines.

· Winery__________________________________________________
· Name of wine_____________________________________________
· Retail price $__________
· Sugar g / l _________ This will help us determine in which order to taste your wine.
· Vintage year_______ or non-vintage______
· Contact name__________________ email____________________________________
· Availability: Provincial liquor board____ Winery____ On line___ Boutiques___

Categories: (Check one) 
Table Wines
Sparkling (Charmat)_______ Sauvignon Blanc____________ Pinot Gris / Grigio_____
Sparkling (Traditional)______ Riesling Dry________________ Pinot Blanc________
Chardonnay Unoaked_______ Chardonnay Oak Aged ______ Rose_______
Gewurztraminer___________ V.V. Blends White___________ Undesignated V.V. Whites______ 
Undesignated Hybrid White_____ Hybrid Blend White_______ Other white blends______
Cabernet Sauvignon__________ Merlot__________________ Pinot Noir_______________ 
Gamay _________________ Cabernet Franc______________ Shiraz/Syrah________________ 
Baco Noir_______________ Marechal Foch_______________ Meritage Blends Red_________ 
Undesignated V.V. Reds_____ Undesignated Hybrid Red_____ Hybrid Blend Red______ 
List grapes used for blends________________________________________________________

· Desserts
Late Harvest Riesling___ Late Harvest Vidal___ Late Harvest other ___ Spec. Sel. L.H.___
Icewine Riesling_____ Icewine Vidal______ Icewine Red ____ Icewine other____ 
Fortifieds & Other Desserts______

· Fruit Wines
Table Dry_____ Table Off-dry______ Dessert_______

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