The History of Cards’ Suits in Gambling Online

Card game was believed to be found and invented in China during the Tang Dynasty. However, it was believed that gambling had been there in the world during the human civilization. Card games are not the new invention at all since card games age more than human civilization. Before being adopted into gambling online, cards games have traveled so far from one country to another and from one continent to another so no wonder gambling is everywhere.

Card games you know now can be found easily in gambling online and the site has the complete version you want. Meanwhile, card games have traveled so far to Europe from China in the late of Middle Ages and traded with Persia and Egypt. There, the playing cards were born too and poker was originated from Persia. The Europeans added suits to the customs. The first record of the card games using 4 suits found in Southern Europe during the 1300s. Those were derived from Egypt’s Mamluk court hands.

Those cards used featured with kings and queens for the suits. The suits were built based on the polo stick, swords, coins and cups. Those suits influenced the European versions and the cards along with the respective suits started to spread from Spain to the central Europe such as Italy, Germany and France.


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The History of Cards’ Suits in Gambling Online

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